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Discover Your Path To Recovery with Beneath the Surface

Drug and alcohol abuse has become an epidemic. At beneath the surface we help people learn through peer to peer support how to live life without depending on any substance. Statistics shows us that peer to peer support is the most effective way to achieving any goals in life. Knowing this, we’ve dedicated our lives to peer support and are passionate about walking people through this process.

“I will not live on life’s terms, boring and narrow… I will live life outrageously, exciting and limitless.” – Robert Evans






What can Beneath The Surface Recovery Coaching do?

Robert-EvansWith Beneath The Surface Recovery Coaching, we will provide you with an effective framework for living. We are here to help you understand your potential and provide you with the necessary tools to be successful. Our goal is to allow you to tap into your own strengths, discover your true self and persevere in life.

My team and I will be with you every step of the way. In my own life, I have overcome obstacles including family issues, addiction, unemployment, and being told that I was worthless. Despite the issues I faced, I knew my own potential as a person. I have worked tirelessly to help those who confide in me to find their own value and self-worth. No one should ever feel worthless! We are here to coach you and give you the tools that you need to unlock your own potential.

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