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Why Beneath The Surface is the Right Team for You

Beautiful minds inspire others

At beneath the surface, we offer a team of certified recovery coach professionals, that are willing to go above and beyond for any family in need in need of guidance through the process of recovery. Beyond simply being certified, each member of the Beneath the surface team has also experienced the devastating consequences of addiction as well as the joy of recovery. Having these experiences enables us to passionately dedicate our lives to guiding others and their families through the healing process of recovery.

I have overcome many of my own trials and adversities. I have been put down and counted out as someone who would never amount to anything. I always believed I am worth more and I will stop at nothing to become a force for good. My promise to you is one of devotion and I am here to share with you that anything is possible if you apply the principles I am willing to provide. My goal is to provide you with structure and guidance to allow you to tap into your own strengths and discover who you really are.

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