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At Beneath The Surface Life Coaching, we believe that Robert Evans is the right choice to help you unlock your potential. He will help you meet your goals by giving you the tools to succeed and drawing on his life experience. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the success stories of our clients.

Terry P, New York

Rob Evans helped me tremendously in many different aspects of my life. I suffered from depression, anxiety, addiction, and anger issues. I had no identity and no purpose. Life was painful and I didn’t know why. I was lazy, undisciplined and my mind was always racing. I can’t really explain exactly what Rob did or how he did it… all I know is that I was miserable for 29 years and became happy in just a few months. Rob taught me that I matter. He explained how many issues in my life is a direct result of my low opinion of myself. He also realized that my negative thinking and self-deception were the causes of my self-destruction, so we both took action to tackle those dangerous flaws that I had buried inside me all these years.
Put simply, I am capable of greatness. I think we all are. But I think the reason why many of us do not achieve greatness is because we don’t have someone like Rob Evans to guide us.

Life doesn’t hurt anymore. I am better now. I am on my way to a happy, fulfilling and successful life, thanks to Rob Evans. I think the coolest part about this is that Rob and I have become close friends. That’s the thing with him…he’s not some therapist that sees you for 45 minutes and moves on to the next subject with no emotional connection. Rob actually cares. If you’re struggling, do yourself a favor and give him a call. If you’re serious about getting better, he will change your life.

William B, New York

When I first met Rob Evans I was in a whirlwind of trouble and my life had spiraled out of control. I had lost my inner strength and my focus to push forward towards success. After serving in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years I never thought it was possible for someone with so much pride in himself to lose his way. Realizing my life was unmanageable I decided to reach out to Mr. Evans for some help. The moment we met in person I was overwhelmed with comfort. I was ready to take vigorous action and grab hold of my life again. Having PTSD from the marines I had trust issues and was nervous letting anyone close to me. I felt weakened yet motivated and trusted his process. We embarked on an amazing journey.

Rob’s life coaching techniques were so helpful to my family’s relationships and me. I was living at rock bottom and self-sabotaging for many years. It wasn’t until I met Rob Evans that I realized there are solutions and a better way to live. Rob has re installed and enormous amount of energy back into my drive for success. Today I am comfortable in my own skin. I work two jobs support a family and live with in my own means. Waking up everyday with the ability to utilize leadership traits, integrity, motivation, and courage is a miracle and a dream come true. I am truly grateful and blessed to have met this wonderful man.

Melissa T, New York

I could have easily become a victim of my circumstances. I could have easily remained stuck in the negativity that surrounded me. I could have continued to believe the things my abusive stepfather said to me. I could have continued to make bad choices and never escaped that negative lifestyle. But God placed the right people in my life at key times to encourage me and help me believe I had much more potential. I lacked direction and had no goals, but those people awakened drive and a purpose within me. They wouldn’t allow me to be satisfied to stay where I was. Today I am a wife, a mother, and a successful career woman, all things that would have been impossible without people to guide me and encourage me and help me believe in myself. Rob Evans is one of those people. He draws on his own life experiences to connect with people and helps them overcome whatever is holding them back.

Erin G, New York

Robert Evans is an incredible coach and mentor continues to make a difference in my life. Something that stood out to me is that he shared the struggles he’s been through and how he overcame them. This made me feel comfortable to share my own obstacles and made me feel like I’m not alone. Robert listens intently with compassion. He’s motivating and he empowers you to make worthwhile changes in your life. Robert provides you with the tools you need in order to look within to find out who you really are, and what you need to do to live a fulfilling and worthwhile life. He’s honest, reliable, and authentic. He truly cares about helping people reach their fullest potential. I strongly recommend that you seek out his expertise in order to become the best you that you can possibly be.

Frank R, New York

When I met Rob Evans I was in no position to be anything to anyone. Rob helped me see the value in myself in a very practical way. Rob showed me through his experience that I was not alone in the issues and problems I have faced in my life. He also taught me how to use the things I have went through as tools as opposed to letting them burden me. I now see the tough times I went through in life as assets that have made me a better man for the people that I love.

Sue B, New York

We appreciate what Rob Evans life coaching has done for our son. What a transformation! He helped my son discover the potential that was deep inside him. As parents we knew that potential existed but his life was spiraling out of control. With Rob’s life coaching sessions my son is happy, confident and meets life head on. Thank you Rob Evans, for teaching my son he CAN have a life beyond his wildest dreams.

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